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"Hatch" Etched Roller Ball By: Karl Zahn


Product Description

The “Hatch” pen was designed to take advantage of the innate properties of brass, and its remarkable ability to self sterilize. Within a few hours of contact with brass ions, any bacteria or microorganism dies. While this effect is not new and the concept is centuries old, we don’t currently utilize the material’s enormous potential. This antiseptic quality lends itself perfectly to situations where hygiene is priority, including the medical profession. To further highlight the unique qualities and benefits of using this type of tool, the etched graphics relay some of the story or the reasons behind it. The hatched pattern is an abstraction of cell structure. The gradient of hatch variation can be symbolic of growth or infection bt overall it demonstrates organic change. In addition to its scientific appearance, the hatch pattern and random layout are also representative of a patchwork quilt. In this way, the graphic demonstrates the function the brass material by stopping infection at the cellular level, while it also appears comforting and safe like a sewn heirloom blanket.

About ACME Studio
Started in 1985, ACME Studio is an international product design company, producing and marketing writing instruments, and other design objects. Its products are the result of cooperation with the world's leading architects, designers, artists, foundations, estates, and institutions. ACME Studio has a habit of producing limited editions and/or discontinuing products and destroying the molds - this causes items to become very unique and collectible.

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