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Who We Are

The company was started by a couple of guys who were at the right place at the right time.  One worked in ACME Studio’s warehouse as a teenager from the early 90s until recently, and quickly realized the collectability and investment possibilities of ACME’s products and began buying everything he could afford, from things going out production, to things that never went into production and much more.  In more than one occasion he requested to be paid in products and not with a paycheck.  He has never regretted this decision, because as time passed his huge collection had become the core of Design Mafia’s business.
The other partner was from the Mid-West and was already very successful from the flea market/antique dealer world.  But since the internet had drastically changed his world, he had to adapt and had to become an expert at selling online.  With his vast network of dealer and collector contacts as well as many other design related companies such as Swid Powell (now defunct), Swatch, Giotto, Ritzenhoff and many others, he added what the company needed to become a unique resource for design related products.  He was very familiar with ACME’s products as he was also an avid ACME collector and during one of his visits to Maui, where he keeps a second home, he visited ACME where the 2 partners met, became friends and formed Design Mafia shortly after.